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As UX & Design Director as well as's first hire, I began with a blank slate and designed the brand and experience from scratch. For detailed UX design documents please download the UX Design Samples (.zip).

My Role: User experience design, visual design, functional specs, identity design, copywriting, photography, illustration

  1. Branding —'s branding was born out of a desire to be fashionable while still remaining fun and accessible. The splashes and swirls were used throughout as an energetic texture. Branding
  2. Website/Browse — The site's browse section consists of an infinitely scrolling wall of images and video. Users may interact with each by hovering, or may click to display a larger version in slideshow mode.

    Screengrab of the browse page
  3. Website/Slideshow — The inline slideshow overlay offers quick access to a large version of any media, as well as community and sharing options.

    Screengrab of the Thr.ead slideshow overlay
  4. Website/User Profile — The user profile page provides access to one's own looks, notifications and settings.

    Screengrab of a User Profile
  5. iPhone/Browse — Mirroring the navigation and design of the site, the mobile app provides all the same functionality in an interface designed specifically for iPhone.

    Screengrab of mobile browse section
  6. iPhone/Slideshow — The slideshow displays photos at fullscreen, allowing an immersive experience. A single tap brings up related options and information.

    Screengrab of mobile slideshow
  7. iPhone/Activity — The activity section is a visually appealing take on notifications.

    Screengrab of mobile activity section
  8. iPhone/Nav Drawer — Tapping the drawer button opens a side drawer containing sub-navigation. This keeps the navigation available, but out of the way.

    Screengrab mobile pullout drawer
  9. iPhone/Camera — A customized camera interface.

    Screengrab of mobile camera
  10. iPhone/User Profile — The user profile gives the user all of their relevant stats at a glance. Users may "accessorize" their profile by selecting one of many custom fabric photos (taken by your's truly).

    Screengrab of user profile