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Travel Channel GO iPhone App Redesign

I rethought, restructured and redesigned the Travel Channel GO experience to correct usability flaws and give it visual polish consistent with the brand. For detailed UX design documents please download the UX Design Samples (.zip).

My Role: User experience design, visual design, illustration, functional specs

  1. Shows Screen — The Shows screen promotes our TV properties through bold visuals, allowing users to tap through to see the places our hosts have been.

    Travel Channel GO show screen
  2. Individual Show — The app uses familiar iOS navigation to allow users to easily drill down through our point-of-interest content.

    Travel Channel GO Individual show screen
  3. Individual Point of Interest — The new POI screen cleans up and focuses all information, making it easier to read and interact with on the small iPhone screen.

    Travel Channel GO individual point of interest screen
  4. Individual Point of Interest (Landscape View) — Turning the device on its side displays a map that pinpoints the location of the current point-of-interest.

    Travel Channel GO individual point of interest screen landscape view
  5. Places Screen — The Places tab allows for simple, intuitive browsing of all of our points-of-interest.

    Travel Channel GO places screen
  6. Places Screen (Landscape View) — Again, turning the device reconfigures the current information onto a map display. This behavior is available throughout app.

    Travel Channel GO places screen landscape view
  7. Trip Deals Screen — I had a lot of fun creating original illustrations to make the deals content visually satisfying to browse through.

    Travel Channel GO trip deals screen
  8. My Trips Screen — The My Trips section allows users to save POI from throughout the app into suitcases for future reference.

    Travel Channel GO my trips screen
  9. The "Before" — The original Travel GO experience failed to organize content and provide clear navigational elements in a user-friendly manner.

    Travel Channel GO wireframe sampler