Design > Visual Design Redesign

As Creative and UX director my goal was three-fold: refocus the site through an entertainment lens, modernize the design and significantly clean up usability.

My Role: Creative direction, UX leadership, functional specs, CMS design guidance, content guidance

  1. Homepage — The homepage was designed to present lots of easily-scanned content to facilitate the serendipitous nature of our users' browsing habits.

    Screengrab of the homepage
  2. City Page — Photography, a key aspect of travel, played an important role in creating utility pages that were beautiful to look at, but still easy to use.

    Screengrab of a city page
  3. TV Show Page — TV show sites were redesigned to focus on the show hosts' experiences and the locations of episodes, the main interests of visitors.

    Screengrab of a TV series page
  4. Weekly Schedule — The TV schedule uses Ajax to allow users to navigate and filter on the fly. This simple weekly presentation proved very popular.

    Screengrab of the weekly schedule
  5. Slideshow Player — Because photography is such a core aspect of capturing the spirit of travel, we presented slideshows in a clean, uncluttered environment.

    Screengrab of the Slideshow Player
  6. Video Player Overlay — We provided an inline video player throughout the site to allow video viewing without users being taken out of their current browsing path.

    Screengrab of the video player
  7. The "Before" — The prior Travel Channel homepage was cluttered, poorly labeled, felt static and offered few opportunities to promote new content.

    Screengrab of before the redesign