Design > Visual Design Redesign

My goal for World Hum's redesign was to give them a look that reflected the quality of their travel journalism. That meant a total overhaul of their brand and site.

My Role: User experience, visual and identity design; functional specs and information architecture.


  1. Homepage — I designed the homepage to show off the freshest content and shift the feel of World Hum away from home-grown blog and toward robust travel site.

    Screengrab of the homepage
  2. Article — Articles, the core of World Hum, were redesigned for pleasant reading and easier commenting/sharing as well as to surface related content.

    Screengrab of a article page
  3. Photo Gallery — I designed dedicated templates for photos and slideshows in order to put a spotlight on the wonderful photography curated by editors.

    Screengrab of a photo page
  4. The "Before" — The original World Hum design lacked focus, the structure of the content was confusing and the design got in the way of enjoying the great stories.

    Screengrab of before the redesign